Blogging Porchistas – St Patrick’s Day & Tierneys Tavern

by The Porchistas

A few nights ago I was told by a new friend who is in charge of social media for a major New Jersey media outlet, that I should post a regular blog for The Porchistas.  More exposure; expand the audience; yet another way to get the band into the public eye. Makes sense to me.  I am utterly mixed up in this world of independent bands trying to do our thing, whatever that means to each of us.  Its an interesting world with alot of ups and downs.  Why not write about it?

This Monday is St Patrick’s Day and I am not Irish.  However, I lived the first stretch of my life in the Vailsburg section of Newark, NJ., a neighborhood with thick Irish roots and a St Patrick’s Day parade that rolled down South Orange Avenue with vigor and pride, past the bars, Sacred Heart Church, Raymond’s Deli and ended at The Hall, a 2 story bar and club that filled elbow to elbow until closing on parade day.  I am also the son of a Newark firefighter, a department heavy with generational Irish members and a bagpipe club that could still compete with any in the world. So Saint Patrick’s Day has always been a big deal to me. 

Speaking of a rich Irish heritage, this Friday March 14th (the onset of St. Patrick’s Day Weekend) The Porchistas are playing on our homestage at Tierneys Tavern in Montclair. Tierneys is a family owned bar that is celebrating its 80th year in business. That’s right 80 years. Opened in 1934, Tierneys Tavern is a slice of New Jersey and America that has existed for approximately one third of United States history. Its also the place where you can get a $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon draft.  There is no phone and its a cash only bar.  The 2nd floor music room can squeeze in 200 people and its the perfect small venue in size and sound.  Tierneys is our favorite place to invite our friends to throw a party.  And we are real stoked for this Friday’s Show with our good friends Adam & the Plants and Accidental Seabirds.   Doors open at 9pm and music starts shortly thereafter.   Who knows, someone might even kickoff the night with an old traditional St Patty’s Day song?  If you’re in the area, please join us.

There it is.  I am Alan of The Porchistas and now I blog.  I’ll try to keep you updated on what we do and I’ll try to make it interesting.  

Slancha & Happy St Patrick’s Day. (photo of Tierneys Tavern from