Montclair Music Happenings: Tierneys, Pinegrove, The Wellmont Theater

by The Porchistas

Spring is here as winter lingers, and we have some exciting plans for the warm seasons.

A few days ago, Tierneys Tavern announced that on May 31st, they will be celebrating their 80th year in business with the Tierneys Tavern Music Festival.  This is going to be huge in both spirit and scope. For the first time, The Tierneys Family will be shutting down the parking lot to cars and opening it up to an all day music festival.  The house of Tierney has rented a huge stage with an overhead roof and lighting from The County of Essex.   There will be 3 stages inside and out, local food trucks, and an incredible list of approximately fifteen bands that have brought the music & party to Tierneys in a big way over the years.  The date they selected, May 31st, is pretty awesome too.  Its the weekend after Memorial Day, and the last day in May.  And the Tierneys ain’t afraid of no weather.  This is a rain or shine event. Mark your calendars and get your tickets now. They are on sale behind the bar at Tierneys & online here.

Have you seen or heard the band Pinegrove yet? Whether you have or haven’t you should come to The Porchistas next house party, Saturday March 29th, and see them live in our living room. They’re a great band with a real Montclair vibe – Smart, fun, they rock hard, harmonize well and shred when they feel like it – They’re currently on tour in the Midwest and we are hosting their return to Montclair show.  Also playing is a killer band from Asbury Park that we are stoked to have in the house.  Check out this live recording of The Drive Home.

It’s a pot-luck party and bring your own mug event. We hate plastic cups.  We’ll supply the Keg for 21 and overs and we’d appreciate you kickin’ in for your share and so we can  throw the bands some pay.  House opens at 8pm.  Get on the facebook invite here.

As you might know, we had a huge opportunity last month to rock the stage at the historic Wellmont Theater.  Unfortunately, as you may also know, there were overwhelming issues with the sound that were never worked out that put a damper on the overall experience. However, it was a successful day in that so many people came out to share the experience with us.  We thank you enormously for your support that day.   As a result, The good people at the Wellmont have a) made some serious changes to ensure those issues won’t happen again and B) offered us and The Defending Champions the opportunity to put together a series of Sunday afternoon shows on that amazing stage.  We are working out some details and we already have some lineups in mind that we think would work.  So stay tuned. If all goes well, you’ll be seeing more local, New Jersey Independent rock at The Wellmont in the near future.

Below is the flyer for The Tierneys Festival designed by our good friend Nora Wertz.  Its a photo from the early years, of the original owner, the grandfather of the current Tierney family, tending bar, as generations of Tierneys have done for 80 years.  Please help us spread the word and make this a righteous celebration of a historic family establishment – Tierneys Tavern – Where Friends Meet Since 1934.

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