Winter Shows, Videos, and Spring Shadows

by The Porchistas

We have the info on two killer shows coming up Valentines Weekend and a Music video to share with you, and some info on our 2015 plans.

First, please check out the first of a few music videos to come out of our now legendary November 1st space themed Halloween Bash and CD release of Shoot it at the Sun.  The video A Piece a Junk featuring Kelly Henneberry tearing up lead vocals about 3 minutes in is a Hannah Wylie production.  Please share it if you dig:

And our upcoming schedule:

Friday February 13th at Tierneys in Montclair with:                         tierneys13th

Homeless Apians 9pm
Thomas Wesley Stern 1015 pm
The Porchistas 1115pm

– doors open 830pm $10

Excited as hell to be hosting the first show of Homeless Appians!

Homeless Apians is a recycle rock trio from central New Jersey. Their DIY attitude and environmentally conscious ideology has led them to construct their own unique instruments. These include drummer Kevin Grossman’s xylophone and “Patriot Pipes” made from scrap lumber and aluminum piping, bassist Cody McCorry’s “Moon Bass” made from a decommissioned washtub and sheet metal from a former furnace, and Matthew C. Brown’s “Grilltar” made from a defunct portable propane grill. Individually, they sound like trash. Literally. But when they play together, you’ll feel right at Homeless.”

Why am I excited? Well, Matt Brown, formerly of Bog Iron Bloom is one of the most innovative guitarists and artists I will ever know.

Then there is Thomas Wesley Stern “… a band from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, a densely wooded forest of winding sandroads and rich cedar streams. Taking a cue from traditional American folk music, but never sticking strictly to it, the members of Thomas Wesley Stern weave original songs around classic melodies and instruments. Violin and standup bass compliment the banjo and guitar, while the boys harmonize in a rustic hum. Playing original and traditional American music, Thomas Wesley Stern harkens back to a simpler time we assume was better, but insists the best is yet to come.” – Country Living Magazine

And some words about us Porchistas in an incredible review we recently got from Tris McCall at, “”Folk rock with occasional forays into space country and psychadelia. That description makes the Porchistas sound like the Flaming Lips and there’s definitely some resemblance between Smith’s nimble, playful songwriting and Wayne Coyne’s astral rambles. But the Porchistas also recall a much older tradition of folk rock – music made by goofy pranksters like the Holy Modal Rounders who hang around in basements, take solos and crack jokes, keep things as loose as possible and sift through the detritus of popular culture for sociopolitical messages. Like Camper Van Beethoven, The Porchistas are a slightly seedy, neon lit establishment that welcomes all kinds of oddballs to the party.”

Friday the 13th promises to be a big night at Tierneys.   And it only gets better the next night!

Saturday February 14th – Valentines Night @ The Wonder Bar – Asbury Park.
Mad Feather Group – CD Release,

Mad Feather Group, Accidental Seabirds, The Porchistas, The Shady Street Show Band, Feathers in the Shade

Doors open 7pm $10 cover

We love Mad Feather Group and we are stoked as hell to be a part of this show! And Accidental Seabirds, well, they are pretty much our favorite band anywhere. If you haven’t yet heard their 2014 release The Greenpoint Spill you’d be a fool to not give it a full listen.

From there Alan is taking some time on the farm in the rain forest at Rancho Mastatal

And we will return in April with a show in New Hope PA and May 1 we’ll be back at Asbury Lanes for the incredible psychedelia of our spacey soul-mates Bone & Marrow‘s CD Release; May 16th at our home studio with our brothers Kagero, jammin the Japanese Gypsy Rock; and Tierneys Music Festival Returns May 30th (shhh! don’t tell anyone!).

We hope like hell to see you Valentines Weekend.  And stay warm.


Alan, Adam, Gerry, Jon, Sam